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Discover comprehensive dental solutions like fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers, scaling, root planing, dentures, nightguards, and NTIs. Our aim is your joyful, healthy, and confident smile.



Cavities and fillings are not uncommon. At Main Street Smiles, we take pride in our ability to restore the structure and function of your teeth. We use the latest materials to give you a filling that will last for years to come. Broken or chipped front tooth?  We can often restore your front tooth with aesthetic composite filling that is hardly noticeable and much less costly than veneers or crowns.

Crowns, Bridges
& Veneers

In some cases, when caries have compromised the structure of the tooth, a crown, bridge or veneer may be indicated. We will let you know and talk you through the options. We partner with the best labs to give you the best results. Do not settle for lesser quality, same-day, office-made crowns. We firmly believe that the best results take just a little more time but are well worth the wait when it comes to treatments that should last you over 10 years or more with proper care and maintenance.

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“The quality of work in this office is evident. They really know their stuff!”

David – Evanston, IL

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A significantly lower cost option to implants are the use of partial or complete dentures. Partial dentures have a metal framework and can be used throughout the day for eating and drinking as normal. Complete dentures consist of all the teeth in an arch (top or bottom) of your mouth. Complete dentures are strong and can also be used for eating and drinking as normal. Partial and complete dentures have a learning curve associated with them and patients should be prepared for 6 months or more to learn how to comfortably eat and drink. Both complete and partial dentures are removeable and should be removed from the mouth nightly to be cleaned and to give your gums rest. 

Nightguards & NTIs

If you're a grinder or a clencher, we have options for you. Teeth grinding and clenching can be caused by the stresses of everyday life. One sign of clenching is waking up to a sore jaw. If you feel like you frequently have tightness or soreness in your cheeks or at the sides of your face at the temple, especially in the morning, you may be clenching or grinding. Excessive clenching or grinding can cause significant wear and damage to the structure of your teeth and, over time, can affect the function of your jaw and your ability to eat. Nightguards are great devices to prevent grinding, while NTIs can often be the treatment of choice for clenchers.

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