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We provide you with a natural-looking and long-lasting tooth-replacement through the use of dental implants.

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The first step is a free consultation to discuss what you are hoping to achieve with dental implants. We will perform an oral examination and discuss options with you for restoring your teeth. Whether it is a single tooth restoration on a front or back tooth, an implant supported bridge, implants to hold your denture in place, or whole arch reconstruction, we are happy to talk through the process and costs of each procedure and answer any questions you may have. After the consultation, we are ready to move forward if and when you are ready. You will never be pressured by us; it is your body and your decision, and we will always respect that.




1   |  Self-confidence

2  |  Restore Your Smile

3  |  Improved Speech

|  Better Chewing

5  |  Long-Lasting

Cone Beam CT Scan

If you are ready to move forward, we will start our implant(s) planning by taking a 3D Cone Beam CT to visualize and evaluate the bone available to support the implant. In some cases, where there is not enough suitable bone, we may recommend placing a bone graft to give us more support for the implant, which we can perform in our office. The CT scan also gives us the ability to visualize any nerves or sinuses that would in the area of the implant, providing valuable information in finalizing a treatment plan. 


“The entire implant procedure was shockingly painless. I can't even remember what tooth it was!”

Derek – Glenview, IL


3D Guided Surgery

In addition to the Cone Beam CT scan, we will take an intra-oral scan of your teeth. This intra-oral scan allows us to create a 3D-printed surgical guide that will allow us to place the implant(s) exactly where we have planned. Making use of this 3D-guided surgical technique allows us precision in placement, reduces surgical time, and minimizes discomfort to the patient. Having an implant placed is usually no more painful than having a filling done. After the procedure, most people describe minimal and limited pain that is usually covered well with over-the-counter medication. 

Implant Restoration

Just as important as the implant placement itself is the restoration that sits on top of it. A good implant restoration will work in harmony with your other teeth and bite to create a natural look and feel. After a few weeks of use, most people cannot tell the difference between their implant and the rest of their teeth. We offer aesthetic and functional restorations for front and back teeth in addition to larger bridges and full arch restorations. We only delivery quality lab-made restorations so you do not have to worry about ill-fitting, aesthetically compromised in-office milled solutions. We want you to enjoy these teeth for the rest of your life. We believe it is worth the little extra lab time to give you a beautiful looking and functioning restoration.

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