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Our primary focus is your safety. We take this pandemic seriously. Scroll down to read about the systems and processes we have implemented to keep you safe and healthy during your visit to our office. 

Nederman Aerosol Extraction

Every (and importantly, private) operatory in our practice has been outfitted with an aerosol extraction unit by Nederman, a pioneer in developing solutions for air control. These aerosol extraction units are barely audible (what you hear sounds like a calm breeze). Rather than extra-oral suction units that recirculate the captured aerosols through a filter back into the same room, our Nederman units exhaust all captured aerosols through a filter outside the building where it gets diluted in the fresh air. Per an independent study, the Nederman FX2 extraction arm achieved 100% capture efficiency. We are proud to be the first dental practice in the state of Illinois to feature this unit and one out of only a handful in the country. 

Left unchecked, periodontitis can lead to early tooth loss and loss of bone necessary to support healthy teeth. Luckily, all you have to do is visit us every 6 months for your hygienist check-up so we can keep tabs on how your periodontium is doing. When caught early, we can stop and often reverse the changes of light to moderate or even more severe periodontitis. In addition to keeping your teeth, gums and bone healthy and feeling great, a good cleaning every 6 months also removes stubborn stains that can be caused by smoking, drinking wine or coffee, or just general use and wear of the teeth. 

Dentist Aerosol installed sticker-01.png

UV Angel Clean Air UVC Air Treatment System

In addition to our Nederman aerosol extraction units, you will notice UV Angel Clean Air UVC Air Treatment Units attached to the ceiling throughout our office. These high efficiency units capture air and send it through an isolated and hidden compartment where it is exposed to UVC light. The power and frequency of this UVC light is capable of inactivating viruses, bacteria and fungi in a single pass. Once treated, the air is circulated back through the other side of the unit and into the office. These air treatment units operate 24 hours per day, 365 days per year!

“I felt very safe and comfortable being there due to all of the controls and procedures that had been put in place.”

Dean - West Dundee, IL

Medify MA-40 H13 HEPA Air Purifier

In addition to the measures above, you will find several Medify MA-40 H13 HEPA Air Purifiers throughout the office. These air purifiers feature a 3 stage filter including H13 HEPA that efficiently captures 99.95% of airborne particles down to 0.1 microns. The air purifiers are CARB, ETL, and Energy Star certified. 


Updated Processes

We have additionally updated several processes in the office to minimize contact and maintain safety:


Touchless forms - complete our patient forms from the comfort of your home on your own computer, tablet or phone before you come to the office!

Temperature checks all staff will have daily temperature checking and patients will have their temperature checked prior to their appointments

Paperless forms – if you prefer, you can alternatively complete your forms in the office using one of our clean tablets. Each tablet is wiped down completely after every use.

Masks – all patients will be required to correctly wear a cloth or medical face mask covering the nose and mouth at all times while in the office unless instructed otherwise. 


Hand sanitation – we have a touchless hand sanitizer station that you will be asked to utilize at check-in. We also have touchless soap dispensers in our bathrooms.


Before your appointment – all patients will be either adequately distanced prior to their appointments or will be asked to wait in their car. The option of waiting for your appointment in your car remains if you are more comfortable that way. Just call us when you arrive and we will take care of the rest!

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