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Your Safety is our #1 priority

Come see why we have the safest dental office around

Many of the procedures that are performed in a dental office generate aerosols. The drill we use for fillings, the water spray we use to clean your teeth, the ultrasonic calculus/tartar remover all generate aerosols that can stay in the air for hours and can spread disease from patients to staff, or from patients to other patients (even hours later!). This is why it's so important to choose a dental office with systems and processes in place to remove and inactivate airborne aerosols. 

We have spent a invested a great deal into researching and implementing the latest and best technology available to combat and remove airborne oral aerosols and the disease it can carry in seconds (not hours). These systems, combined with our new check-in processes and screening give us confidence that we are providing our patients the safest possible dental experience.

See below for additional information on the systems we have implemented

Nederman - Aerosol removal

The most effective way to combat airborne aerosols is to remove them immediately from the source.  That's what the Nederman extraoral suction devices do.  We are the first and only dental office in Illinois to feature the Nederman extraoral suction devices. These devices are capable of removing up to 100% of generated aerosols immediately during the procedure. While other extraoral suction devices capture, filter and recirculate aerosols, what separates the Nederman device is the ability to capture aerosols, pass them through a powerful filter and then safely vent the filtered aerosols outside the building.

UV Angel - Automated, Continuous UV-C air filtration system

These air filters have an isolated chamber that blasts air with high energy UV-C light. After air moves through the mechanical filter, it enters the UV-C chamber where it is exposed to a very high energy UV-C rays that are capable of killing viruses in a single pass. These UV-C rays are safely enclosed in the chamber and do not expose our patients. This is a very safe and effective way to kill any live virus in the air. These filters are running 24 hours / day, 7 days / week. We have installed 12 of these units in our office to ensure that all of the air in the office is cleaned to the best of our ability. See the video above for additional information on how the unit works.

Medify MA-40 Medical Grade HEPA filtration system

In addition to our other systems, we have installed 4 Medify MA-40 Air filtration units to filter the ambient air in our practice. The filter uses a HEPA 13 filter capable of filtering out 99.9% of airborne particles and is better than true HEPA.

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